Who is the course for:

Any therapist or medical provider looking to improve their assessment and treatment skills with the pediatric population.

We believe in a holistic approach to care. Our course covers Pediatric Gross Motor Development, Pediatric Pelvic Health and an introduction to Postpartum Recovery. The ultimate class to care for moms and babes from birth to two years old.


Building Blocks for Therapists also includes a whole week dedicated to Leadership & Entrepreneurship. Whether you want to start your own practice, use your skills to dip into wellness, or develop a successful program for your local clinic - we have you covered!

We kindly call this class PT Bootcamp. All the things you WISH were actually covered in school! Make sure to preview the curriculum below for full details.

You will have access to the class for 1 year.

Meet Dr. Emily Heisey

Emily Heisey is a pediatric physical therapist and founder of Kinactive Kids (formerly known as KinesioKids). Emily owns a cash based pediatric practice in Colleyville Texas, and was one of the first pediatric PTs to develop a social media presence to educate parents on how to incorporate purposeful play to aid their kids through their gross motor milestones.

Meet Dr. Michelle Little

Michelle is Board Certified as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and has post doctorate certifications in Obstetrics and Pelvic Health. She owns an out of network practice in Charlottesville VA that specializes in integrating orthopedics and pelvic health to serve Women through all phases of life.

1 in 4 people silently suffers from a pelvic floor dysfunction. Many pelvic health dysfunctions can be traced back to the pediatric developmental stage. Michelle is passionate about educating and empowering pediatric therapist to assess and treat these impairments to help reduce the risk of ongoing dysfunction into adult hood.